About Jorge Mir

My name

My name is spelled with a J. Some people have called me that. But I go by George. It's just been that way. I like "Horhey" if you speak Spanish but otherwise not so much.

I live in "LA"

I live in "LA" even though I really don't anymore but when asked and it's of no real consequence, I still say I live in LA, it's just easier that way.

I really live in a city called Whittier, where the girls are prettier.

I'm a web developer

I'm web a developer and I've seen things like Forrest Gump. But only over internet time.

I'm a home brewer

I'm a home brewer. It's a fun hobby and once it hits your lips, it's so good.

I'm a dad

I'm a dad and I have a rad wife.

We're raising three lovely kids.

Hit me up if you have something to say. first and last name @ gmail