About Jorge Mir

My name

My name is spelled with a J. Some people have called me that. But I go by George. It's just been that way. I like "Horhey" if you speak Spanish but otherwise not so much.

I live in "LA"

I live in "LA" even though I really don't anymore but when asked and it's of no real consequence, I still say I live in LA, it's just easier that way.

I really live in a city called Whittier, where the girls are prettier.

I'm a web developer

I'm web a developer and I've seen things like Forrest Gump. But only over internet time. I've had @ev fix a bug or two for me in the early days of Blogger. I'm user 123 on twitter and got an email from @jack before I knew jack. I've started up and burned out. I've worked for the world wide leader and back in the day with it's in the game. I've been moving metal for so many years now, I've lost track.

I'm a home brewer

I'm a home brewer. It's a fun hobby and once it hits your lips, it's so good.

I'm a dad

I'm a dad and I have a rad wife. She keeps it pumping straight to my heart. Yeah just like the song.

We're raising three lovely kids.

Hit me up if you have something to say. first and last name @ gmail